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Discover hundreds of use-cases across your team

Discover a wide range of pre-built, customizable use cases tailored to streamline your workflows and other stuff.


Automate complex RFPs

Respond significantly faster to RFPs by using Cassidy's workflows to extract questions, search for answers, and generate thorough answers.

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Customer Support

Draft replies to customer emails and tickets

Ask questions about your knowledge base, such as data policies, so you can craft responses to customer support inquiries that are grounded and accurate.

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Customer Support

Automate Customer Support Triaging

Prioritize and provide improved customer service by automatically escalating negative Zendesk tickets based on an AI sentiment analysis.

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Auto-Complete Security Questionnaires

Answer common risk assessment related questions using your knowledge base, such as data policies.

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Perform Complex Data Analysis

Analyze files with diverse data and formatting, and generate files such as graphs.

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Customer Support

Technical sales & support copilot on demand anywhere

Use Cassidy’s chrome extension in combination with an AI customer service assistant to come up with a responses right away, without ever having to leave your tab.

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Start building AI tools in minutes.

Access to the top models

Cassidy includes the top 5+ leading AI models.


Intelligent assistants personalized to your team.


Automate tasks with custom, data-driven workflows.

AI knowledge base

Centralized intelligence for smarter automation.

Chrome extension

Cassidy at your fingertips with browser extensions.

No model training

Unlike ChatGPT, Cassidy never trains with your data.

Enterprise-grade security

Advanced security within your workspace.

Integrates with 100+ tools

Cassidy connects to all of your existing tools.