Automate your work and tasks at scale

Cassidy enables you to easily craft powerful, no-code workflows, utilizing your company's knowledge to create content, enrich your CRM, automate customer support, and much more.
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Create AI Workflows in minutes

Describe your automation
Text-to-workflow makes it easy to create custom workflows for your business. Simply describe an automation or use our expertly crafted templates.
Connect your tools and data
Use ready-made AI action blocks that link top AI models to your data from apps like Google Drive and Notion. Integrate with tools like Slack to take action.
Run workflows with ease
Cassidy runs your workflows in a number of different ways, effectively automating the tedious and repetitive parts of work.

Create custom workflows from plain language

Create custom AI workflows using natural language. Describe your process in plain English and let our AI generate the workflow for you. No coding or complex setup needed.
No complex prompt engineering required
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Top AI models

Combine and chain models together

We're not just another AI model, we're all the AI models. Access the best AI models to keep your workflow at peak performance. Mix and match AI models in the same workflow to leverage their unique strengths, without being locked into a single AI provider.
Foundational models from OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, and more
AI Actions

Ready-made action blocks at your fingertips

Get started in minutes with pre-built action blocks for common tasks and apps you already use. Quickly customize and combine blocks to create automations tailored to your needs.
Notion, Slack, LinkedIn, Google Drive, & dozens of other integrations

Endless possibilities for AI Workflows


Respond to RFPs Instantly

Draft LinkedIn-Enhanced Cold Sales Emails

Customer Support

Prioritize Critical Zendesk Ticket to Slack

See how to build Workflows in minutes

How Cassidy is transforming real businesses

An Indispensable Asset to our Team

Cassidy has been indispensable to our team, revolutionizing operations in marketing, grants, and PR. Its seamless context-specific responses outshine other platforms. Personally, Cassidy has amplified my productivity and feels like a proficient team member, always ready to help

Alivia Kaplan
Strategy + Operations lead
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Invaluable part of the workflow

On behalf of my team and myself, who have used this tool for multiple projects such as content creation, brainstorming ideas, proofreading, organizing documents, and emails, Cassidy has become an invaluable part of our workflow, significantly enhancing our efficiency and productivity. Its seamless integration allows us to complete tasks faster, while its insightful suggestions add a touch of creativity to our projects. With Cassidy’s support, we confidently manage our workload, benefiting from its intuitive assistance and tailored ideas. Cassidy has become an integral part of my everyday workflow, serving as my assistant available 24/7. I can’t imagine working without this tool now.

Quickly find answers

With Cassidy, we’ve been able to integrate our documentation from all of our platforms and easily find exactly what we need to quickly answer customer’s questions

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