Create AI assistants personalized to your business

Build internal AI assistants customized to your business, trained on your knowledge and shared across the team.
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Create AI Assistants in minutes

Describe your assistant’s role
Simply state what you need help with. Cassidy turns your description into a custom AI assistant ready to tackle tasks from email management to customer queries.
Powered by your knowledge
Cassidy taps into your data across Google Drive, SharePoint, and Slack, ensuring your AI is as knowledgeable as your team, ready with the right answers.
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Deploy across your team
Easily share your AI assistant with teams or the entire company so that everyone can collectively take advantage of a highly customized and purpose-driven AI.
Personalized AI

AI that speaks like you

Embed your brand's unique voice into AI assistants, ensuring they communicate with the same style and tone as your team. Just input examples of your content, and the assistant will be trained on your writing style, guaranteeing on-brand communication across all interactions.
Brand voice training
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Instant Answers

Respond to customer requests in seconds

Reply to emails, create RFPs, write outbound message, and more with Cassidy’s assistants. Cassidy makes your customers and leads happy with faster responses, without typos or out-of-date information.
Respond to emails
Create RFPs
Accurate Sources

Search internal information from one interface

Cassidy automatically syncs with your existing tools and cites it sources so you can verify the accuracy of responses and easily find documents.
Connects with Knowledge Base
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Endless possibilities for AI Assistants


Draft On-brand Content

Customer Support

Reply to Customers in Email App


Perform Complex Data Analysis

More benefits

Powered by the best AI models
Choose from leading AI models for tailored solutions that best fit your needs
Chrome extension
Obtain quick answers from your knowledge base within your workflow, with no need for app switching
Real-time data pulling
Automatically sync with your existing tools for live, up-to-date data use in all interactions
Added context
Enrich AI assistants and workflows with deep business insights, making automation more relevant and effective
Central repository
Grant the entire company access to a unified knowledge base
Easy file management
Manage documents and files effortlessly within a secure, organized system
No hallucinations
Ensure accuracy with AI that provides information based on real data, eliminating fabricated responses
Enterprise-grade security
Benefit from the highest standard of data protection, keeping your business information safe and compliant
Data Analysis
Perform complex data tasks using pre-built data assistants that can run analysis directly in Cassidy.

See how to build Assistants in minutes

How Cassidy is transforming real businesses

An Indispensable Asset to our Team

Cassidy has been indispensable to our team, revolutionizing operations in marketing, grants, and PR. Its seamless context-specific responses outshine other platforms. Personally, Cassidy has amplified my productivity and feels like a proficient team member, always ready to help

Alivia Kaplan
Strategy + Operations lead
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Invaluable part of the workflow

On behalf of my team and myself, who have used this tool for multiple projects such as content creation, brainstorming ideas, proofreading, organizing documents, and emails, Cassidy has become an invaluable part of our workflow, significantly enhancing our efficiency and productivity. Its seamless integration allows us to complete tasks faster, while its insightful suggestions add a touch of creativity to our projects. With Cassidy’s support, we confidently manage our workload, benefiting from its intuitive assistance and tailored ideas. Cassidy has become an integral part of my everyday workflow, serving as my assistant available 24/7. I can’t imagine working without this tool now.

Quickly find answers

With Cassidy, we’ve been able to integrate our documentation from all of our platforms and easily find exactly what we need to quickly answer customer’s questions

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