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Train AI on Your Business to Automate Marketing,Sales,Engineering,Customer Service,Human Resources

Create customized AI-assistants to streamline tasks, enhance productivity, and adopt AI across your entire organization.
10x the productivity of every team. Cassidy revolutionizes the way businesses adopt AI technology by offering a platform for creating tailored AI-assistants, catering to specific departmental needs, and trained on your knowledge and data.

One platform.
Unlimited possibilities for all.

Boost productivity across every area or team. Anyone can use Cassidy to make powerful AI-assistants & workflows without writing any code.
Craft on-brand content with Cassidy trained on your writing style and marketing goals.
Boost cold outreach using Cassidy’s knowledge of your sales pitch, process, and customer profiles.
Customer Service
Deliver accurate responses to inquiries leveraging Cassidy’s access to your comprehensive support knowledge.
Make better technical choices and clarify codebases by training Cassidy on your tech stack, and engineering methods & architecture.
Drive product ideation and roadmap collaboration with Cassidy’s thorough knowledge of your team and UX.
Enable employees to quickly search and access HR documentation for answers with Cassidy’s assistance.

Trained on all your knowledge. Securely.

Cassidy seamlessly imports knowledge from various platforms for a deep understanding of your company, brand, and operations. With secure data handling and transparent citations, every interaction with Cassidy remains reliable and protected.

It's Simple. No Code.

We make it easy to set up AI automations in your business.
Securely upload your internal data and knowledge in order to train CassidyAI on your unique products, strategies, processes, and more.
Build out assistants that are prompted and fine-tuned for the unique use cases of your business without writing any code.
Share and Collaborate
Foster AI adoption across your organization as assistants are shared throughout the team, empowering employees to use them wherever and whenever needed.

Justin Fineberg


“AI unlocks the full potential in every person.”

With over 50 million views, our content has empowered millions to integrate AI seamlessly into their work, redefining workspaces one step at a time.

At Cassidy, our vision is to further elevate AI adoption by streamlining the process, making it even more effortless and accessible to all.

Half of all US workers will have more than 50% of their tasks transformed by AI.*

Be among the first to use Cassidy, and ensure that your business thrives in the AI revolution.
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*Tyna Eloundou, Sam Manning, Pamela Mishkin, Daniel Rock: “GPTs are GPTs: An Early Look at the Labor Market Impact Potential of Large Language Models”, 2023;