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Auto-Complete Security Questionnaires

Answer common risk assessment related questions using your knowledge base, such as data policies.

How to use

Step 1: Create assistant

Describe your assistant’s specific goals and purpose in regards to answering security questionnaires.

Automatically Fill Security Questionnaires

Step 2: Configure assistant

Answer questions, select preferences, and upload knowledge base documents, to fine-tune your assistant for improved performance.

Automatically Fill Security Questionnaires

Step 3: Answer questions

Using Cassidy’s chrome extension, select your newly created assistant, highlight a question, and ask Cassidy to draft an answer.

Automatically Fill Security Questionnaires

Clone our use cases and unlock new opportunities

Access to the top models

Cassidy includes the top 5+ leading AI models.


Intelligent assistants personalized to your team.


Automate tasks with custom, data-driven workflows.

AI knowledge base

Centralized intelligence for smarter automation.

Chrome extension

Cassidy at your fingertips with browser extensions.

No model training

Unlike ChatGPT, Cassidy never trains with your data.

Enterprise-grade security

Advanced security within your workspace.

Integrates with 100+ tools

Cassidy connects to all of your existing tools.
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