How Exequiel saved RVezy’s customer support team over 10 hours per week with CassidyAI


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With Cassidy, we’ve been able to integrate our documentation from all of our platforms and easily find exactly what we need to quickly answer customer’s questions

Exequiel Alcober
Director of Customer Operations

Exequiel Alcober is the Director of Customer Operations at RVezy and spearheaded his team’s implementation Cassidy assistants and workflows

RVezy, an innovative tech company in the online RV rental industry, has been known for exceptional customer service.

But as the company continued to scale, they faced a challenge: agents were spending hours each week manually searching for answers to customer questions - slowing down response times as volume increased.

RVezy was searching for a solution that could boost efficiency while still prioritizing customer satisfaction.

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Elevating Customer Success at RVezy Through Cassidy: A Comprehensive Case Study

RVezy, a leader in the online RV rental space, faced a pivotal challenge as it scaled: how to manage an increasing volume of customer inquiries without compromising the quality of its customer service. Directed by Exequiel Alcober, the Director of Customer Operations, the company embarked on a journey to find a solution that would streamline its customer support processes and enhance efficiency across the board.

The Initial Challenge: Scattered Information and Inefficiencies

The customer success team at RVezy was critical in ensuring a high-quality experience for every customer. However, the team's efforts were hampered by the scattered nature of their help documentation across various platforms like Google Drive, Slack, and Confluence. This fragmentation led to a cumbersome process of manual searching for information to accurately answer customer questions, stretching the team’s bandwidth and wasting hours that could have been spent on working with customers more directly.

“Agents were spending hours manually locating documents across different platforms, wasting time that could be spent helping customers"

- Exequiel

Unifying Solutions with Cassidy

The turning point for RVezy's customer support operations was the integration of Cassidy, a platform that offered a unified and accessible knowledge base by consolidating essential documentation into a single location. Leveraging this information, RVezy could use Cassidy to create AI assistants directly embedded into their emails and Zendesk - dramatically reducing the time spent on manual searches.

“With Cassidy, we’ve been able to integrate our documentation from all of our platforms and easily find exactly what we need to quickly answer customer’s questions”

- Exequiel

Advanced Zendesk Automations

With Cassidy, RVezy’s customer support team was able to build out complex automations, directly integrating into their Zendesk account. RVezy set up automations so whenever a Zendesk ticket was submitted, Cassidy automatically sifted through RVezy's documentation, queued up the appropriate response, and submitted it to the team for approval. This innovation alone saved the customer support team more than 10 hours per week, allowing them to allocate their time to higher-priority tasks and significantly enhance their service quality.

Some examples of assistants & automations created by the RVezy team.

But Cassidy didn’t just allow RVezy to be reactive - it allowed them to be proactive. RVezy was able to craft a workflow that is automatically triggered by specific customer expressions of dissatisfaction, such as "unhappy," "speak to manager," or "dissatisfied." This automation ensures that such cases are quickly identified and prioritized, allowing RVezy to address and mitigate issues promptly, demonstrating a proactive approach to customer satisfaction.

“Cassidy allows us to be much more proactive in addressing critical customer complaints - automatically escalating issues to a manager who can solve customer problems quickly”

- Exequiel

Exceptional Support from CassidyAI

A crucial aspect of RVezy's success with Cassidy has been the exceptional customer support provided by CassidyAI. Not limited to troubleshooting, CassidyAI worked closely with RVezy to build out specific automations and assistants tailored to their unique processes, facilitated by a dedicated account manager. This collaborative effort ensured that RVezy could maximize the utility of Cassidy, crafting solutions that were aligned with their operational needs.

“It’s amazing how easy it is to access Cassidy’s support team - the Cassidy team doesn’t just react quickly to assist us, they’re proactive and hold our hands through AI implementation to actively set our team up with different assistants and automations”

- Exequiel

Broadening the Impact Across the Organization

Following its success within the customer support department, Cassidy was rolled out to over 60 other members of the RVezy team, aiding in various functions including marketing, HR, and analysis. This broad application underscored Cassidy's versatility and its potential to revolutionize not just customer support, but multiple facets of the organization.

“What’s great is we’ve been able to roll this out to other teams as well - marketing has been using it to create & refine content that’s on brand and HR built an assistant that employees use to search our HR policies”

- Exequiel

Conclusion: A Model for Digital Transformation

The partnership between RVezy and Cassidy exemplifies how digital solutions can transform customer support and operational processes. By leveraging Cassidy to centralize documentation, automate priority workflows, and develop custom solutions with expert support, RVezy has not only enhanced its customer support efficiency but has also laid the groundwork for wider organizational improvements. This case study serves as a blueprint for other companies facing similar challenges, showing that with the right tools and partnerships, businesses can scale their operations while maintaining, and even enhancing, the quality of customer service.

“I don’t think there’s anything out there that has the power of Cassidy - and I’ve explored tons of AI tools”

- Exequiel

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