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"An Indispensable Asset to our Team"

Cassidy has been indispensable to our team, revolutionizing operations in marketing, grants, and PR. Its seamless context-specific responses outshine other platforms. Personally, Cassidy has amplified my productivity and feels like a proficient team member, always ready to help

Alivia Kaplan
Strategy + Operations lead

Understanding the Opportunity

Alivia Kaplan, Strategy and Operations Lead at Inversa, sought to optimize various aspects of their business, including marketing, grant applications, PR support, and addressing due diligence inquiries during fundraising. Despite trying solutions like ChatGPT, the desired level of customization and context-specific information was just not cutting it. Alivia needed a more reliable and efficient AI-driven solution to help Inversa achieve its ambitious goals and elevate the startup's credibility.

Implementing Cassidy

Since implementation 6 months ago, Cassidy has revolutionized Inversa’s operations across marketing content, grant applications, PR support & successfully addressing due diligence inquiries during fundraising. Improvements in these processes driven by Cassidy has helped the team secure a few impressive accolades - namely a feature in the Wall Street Journal and prominent speaking opportunities at industry conferences. Across the team, there’s been a dramatic increase in productivity, surpassing expectations and beating our objectives on several OKRs.

In her own words, "Cassidy has proven to be an indispensable asset to our team, revolutionizing our operations across the board, including marketing, grant applications, PR support, and successfully addressing due diligence inquiries during fundraising. Its ability to seamlessly integrate context-specific information on our company into responses outshines the results I’ve achieved using chatgpt... Collaborating with Cassidy feels like working alongside a highly proficient team member, ever-ready to assist with any task at hand."

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